Dennis M. Dart J.D.

Doświadczony menedżer najwyższego szczebla na rynku nieruchomości komercyjnych; finalizował transakcje o łącznej wartości przekraczającej miliardy dolarów. Pełnił liczne funkcje zarządcze Wiceprezesa (Executive Vice President) i Dyrektora ds. Prawnych na Europę w Heitman Real Estate Investment Management, Członka Zarządu Kulczyk Silverstein Properties Real Estate Investment Management.

As the Head of Legal Team of HB Reavis Poland and the HB Reavis Group Legal Counsel I have cooperated with Dawid since 2016 until 2018.
Based on my observations of Dawid’s business attitude he has greatly contributed through his legal advice to successful development, commercialization, bank financing, sale and proper performance of many projects, most importantly the joint venture agreement with PKP S.A. concerning the "West Station - Warszawa Zachodnia" project of a GDV amounting to €190 million.
He has been a core team member and a lead legal counsel in the disposal process of the West Station portfolio to institutional investors, including structuring a strategy of exiting. Dawid has shown an impressive level of engagement in mitigating key transaction risks by, inter alia, massive involvement in organizing relevant title insurance policies. His pro-active participation in a full underwriting process, allowed the company not only to successfully re-finance the investment through external source of funds, but ultimately to close the sale deal in a manner satisfactory to the group.
His project management skills were confirmed by the excellent notes of various managers of HB Reavis in 360-degree feedback, where description of his work included words like: “well-organized”, “reliable”, “very business-oriented with high negotiations skills”, “proactive” or “thinking fast”.
Based on my personal experience Dawid it was not a surprise for me that Dawid has been awarded with the most prestigious award for young lawyers in Poland, i.e. "Rising Stars Lawyers - leaders of tomorrow". For people and companies looking for a high level of professionalism, a proactive approach to legal services, excellent substantive knowledge of Polish real estate and m&a transactions law combined with a pro-business approach, I can fully recommend his services.